Helping Busy People Get Things Done

Need help getting things done?  Here are some popular requests . . .


  • All kinds of shopping: groceries, gifts, pet supplies, household
  • Costco runs and Pharmacy pick up
  • Post Office: drop off boxes, shipping help, private mail pick up
  • Dry cleaning pick up and drop off
  • Watches and jewelry brought for repair or batteries
  • Drop off donations to charities
  • Hand delivery of documents or packages
  • “Wait Service” at your home, for deliveries or service providers (such as cable install, appliance or home repairs, etc.)

. . . and MORE!

Services for Seniors or Care-Givers*; and “Peace of Mind”  for those with an elderly relative in the San Diego area: 


    • Pick up groceries, supplies and prescriptions
    • Pick up library books, DVDs and CDs.
    • “Just be there” when there is a repair person in the home
    • Help with check writing or sending greeting cards
    • Help with using a cell phone or computer
    • Help with packing, un-packing, or minor organizing
    • 10% discount offered on labor fees 

Here’s what Bernice, a local senior, had to say:  “I have been a delighted user of ALWAYS BUSY Errands. I like to get out, and there is a bus, but sometimes I’m not feeling well. It’s good to know someone I can trust, to help me get what I need”.

Do you have a student “away at school” in San Diego? Want to send a care-package? 

San Diego is home to six major universities. I understand – as the parent of a college student myself – what it’s like to have them so far away.

Think of ALWAYS BUSY Errands for:

  • Shopping and hand-delivery of special things when they’re sick (OJ… chicken soup…)
  •  Birthday surprises (cake, balloons, flowers)
  • Delivery of supplies and favorite snacks!

(My son’s faves: Trader Joes’ Seaweed Snacks and 7-11 Trail Mix!)

Check out what one dad did for his daughter:  “Lauren’s a freshman at San Diego State, and we’re up in Northern California. I wanted her to feel special on her birthday. Evelyn helped me by getting some flowers, balloons, and a slice of her favorite cake – then delivered it to her dorm. My daughter was surprised, and I was one “Happy Dad” to find ALWAYS BUSY Errands on the ‘net”.





Services for Vacation Home Owners, Property Managers or Rental Agents*:


  • Check on your home or rental on a regular basis
  • Pick up mail, start the golf cart, water plants
  • Meet service providers and delivery people
  • Shop for “welcome basket” supplies

Are you coming to San Diego for Vacation?

If you’d like your vacation to start as soon as you get here, get in touch!

With some advance planning . . .

Snacks, drinks, and supplies can be waiting for you when you arrive

Susan from Arizona said:  

“We rent a place in San Diego (at the beach of course!) about once a year. We’ve been using ALWAYS BUSY Errands to shop for us in advance. It’s so great… we walk in, and we’ve got drinks, food and snacks ready to go. The vacation starts immediately! Thanks”.

*Some notes about services offered:

ALWAYS BUSY Errands is not a realtor, property manager, rental agent or care-giver. We do not provide or offer:  meal preparation, medication assistance, transportation of people or pets, house cleaning or caregiving. However, we can offer referrals for many of these services.

Have another request?

Contact ALWAYS BUSY Errands, maybe we can help!