Helping Busy People Get Things Done



How does this service work?

Keeping it simple, we get your list – do the shopping and errands – and deliver everything back to you.

Where do you work, and how do you charge?

ALWAYS BUSY  Errands provides service within San Diego County.  We charge labor ($25-$30/hour) and mileage (.60/mile), plus your expenses.  1 or 2 hour minimum charge, depending on the location of the work.  A “flat rate”, including mileage, can be negotiated.   Please contact us for a quote.

 When are you available, and who does the work?  

Generally, we are available Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm. Weekends may be possible. Most work is done by the owner. If an associate will be helping you, we will let you know in advance.  Please make arrangements at least (1) day in advance. Same-day service may be possible for an extra fee.

Do you offer transportation or car services?  

ALWAYS BUSY Errands does not provide transportation of people or pets; and is not able to drive your car to be serviced.  For transportation, we refer Uber and Lyft.  

How do I get my list to you?

We can communicate by phone, text, email, or in-person. Whatever works for you.

Do I need to sign up for weekly service?

No – errand service can be requested “as needed”, with at least (1) day notice. But if regular service (weekly or monthly) works for you, that can be arranged as well.  

How do I pay you?

ALWAYS BUSY Errands accepts cash, checks, credit cards, (processed by Square), Pay Pal, Venmo, and Zelle.  Fees may apply.

BEST IDEA:  Email a sample of your “errand running needs”, and we will get back to you with a quote, and a description of how we can help!

Vacation-related services:  

Second home:  “We live in Washington State and own a condo in Del Mar. It’s nice to have Evelyn check on it every couple of weeks; she waters the plants and starts the golf cart. She takes pictures and reports on any work in progress. Also helps us by being there for deliveries or repair people. Really gives us peace of mind to have a trustworthy local helper.”

~~Betsy and Sean A.


Grocery shopping:

“I am already thrilled with your help. With your (shopping) help every week, I’m able to spend time playing cards with my mom (76). A much better use of my time. “ ~~Lynda T.


“As a busy teacher and mother, I DREAD stopping at the stores after work. It’s a treat to come home and the groceries are already there in the fridge and pantry. Thank you!” ~~Deborah M.


“It’s like MAGIC! I come home from work… and it’s all there. I’m eating better since there are groceries in the house. Thank you! “ ~~ Jim F., La Jolla


Care package delivery for son:

“We’re in New Jersey and our son goes to San Diego State. One weekend, he was SUPER sick. I was a worried mom. I found ALWAYS BUSY Errands online and she picked up some fresh-squeezed OJ from Whole Foods, soup and some natural lozenges… then delivered it to him on a Saturday.  I felt a lot better and so did my son. Thank you!” ~~Amy R.


Senior Services:

My wife and I live in the Bay Area, and my elderly mother was in Chula Vista. She’d been sick so I asked Evelyn to check on her and bring some groceries. While doing so, Evelyn gently let me know that my mother didn’t seem well, and needed more help than I’d realized. Long story short, we moved my mom up here with us so that she could get more care. I was grateful that someone was honest and caring.” ~~Douglas and Nancy Z.