Helping Busy People Get Things Done

Welcome to ALWAYS BUSY Errands!

Our lives are busier than ever! Does this sound familiar?
– You’re trying to “get it all done”.
– You’re spending all day at work, then spending your free time in grocery stores, the post office, the dry cleaners or Costco.
– You’re not putting 100% into your work OR your personal life because of a never-ending to-do list.
– You’re stressed . . . left with little time for yourself, your family, or fun activities.

Granted, many tasks can be handled with a couple clicks of a smart phone, and some stores deliver groceries and products in a few hours. But there are times when extra help – and a personal touch – may still be needed to get things done.
That’s where ALWAYS BUSY Errands comes in.
We offer a variety of services, from the “usual” (grocery shopping, post office errands, dry cleaning drop off) to the “unexpected”! You’ll find a list of services on the Services: How can we help you page.
And… don’t miss the special section… “Most Unusual Errands”.

Ready to Get Things Done? Email now. 

How can ALWAYS BUSY Errands benefit you?


  • You’ll avoid ‘impulse buys’ at the grocery store – since we only get what’s on your list. This may help you eat more healthfully, and save money in the long run.
  • You’ll become more organized – by planning and outsourcing your errands in advance.
  • You’ll find more time – for projects, the gym, or growing your business; if someone else is handling some errands.
  • You’ll be less stressed – since you’re not trying to get it all done!

About the owner…

I’m Evelyn (“EV”) Trivoli.  Thank you for visiting my site!

I’ve lived in San Diego since 1983, graduated from San Diego State, and have a background in banking, hospitality, weddings and special events.

In 2003, I started ALWAYS BUSY Errands in San Diego's East County.  Our son was 3, and I was looking for a way to combine my natural organizational skills and entrepreneurial spirit with a family-friendly schedule. 

Fast forward to 2021: We relocated to North County (Escondido), that toddler is 21, and he just finished with college!  There are still busy people trying to get it all done, while balancing the challenges of life. 

Please check out the services offered, and if we can help YOU Get Things Done… just “Contact Us”.

You may find that ALWAYS BUSY Errands is just what you’re looking for!


Until the pandemic is declared over, some in-home services and/or interactions may be limited or not available. We are sensitive to your comfort levels. 

Please be assured that we will not work if we are not healthy, face masks are worn 100% of the time, and we use hand sanitizer constantly.  

For grocery or other shopping, only store-bought bags will be used. "No contact" delivery and payment arrangements can be made.